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To learn about the recent stuff that happened in Debian/Ruby world, see [[http://www.lucas-nussbaum.net/blog/?p=681|this blog post]].

The Debian/Ruby Teams

The Debian/Ruby teams maintain the Ruby interpreters, libraries and applications. There are actually two different Ruby teams in Debian:

  • the pkg-ruby team, which maintains the interpreter
  • the pkg-ruby-extras team, which maintains libraries and applications

Both teams share some infrastructure, and have common members.

Most discussions happen on the debian-ruby mailing list. Discussions specific to pkg-ruby-extras also happen on the pkg-ruby-extras-maintainers list. You should be subscribed to both if you want to follow Ruby in Debian.

We also use IRC (#debian-ruby on irc.debian.org) quite a lot.

To learn about the recent stuff that happened in Debian/Ruby world, see this blog post.

pkg-ruby (interpreters)

  • Packages are maintained in git using collab-maint. See PTS pages for ruby1.8 and ruby1.9.1.

How you can help:

  • {*} Subscribe to the pkg-ruby packages (ruby1.8, ruby1.9.1, ruby-defaults) on the Packages Tracking System, and then contribute to the bug mail you get. (It is a good idea to also subscribe to bugmail from Ubuntu, see developers reference for details).

  • {*} Go through bugs, see if you can reproduce them and provide more information. Report them upstream when needed.

  • {*}{*} Checkout the Git repositories, see if you can provide a patch for some issues.

pkg-ruby-extras (libraries and applications)

How you can help:

  • {*} Subscribe to the lists, and start contributing to solving bugs.

  • {*} Use the Packages overview to go through all existing bugs, and see if you can help with solving some of them.

  • {*}{*} Checkout the Git repository, and see if you can improve the existing packages. There are many things that can be improved!

Mid- and Long-term tasks


{*} Provide backports for the key Ruby packages (interpreter, rubygems) for both Debian and Ubuntu stable releases.

Finish the transition to gem2deb

{*} We are currently transitioning from a cdbs-based packaging tool to gem2deb, a modern dh-based tool. See /RubyInWheezy for details.