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'''Two solutions''' '''Two solutions''' [[https://web.archive.org/web/20150616194946/http://stackoverflow.com/questions/28252036/how-to-run-existing-test-code-on-ruby-2-2|Reference]]

Ruby 2.2 compatibility

Common Errors and solutions

1. tests complaining about 'skip'

: NoMethodError: undefined method skip' for #<TestFoo:0x007fb75484f158>

Two solutions Reference

  • . Use test-unit (require 'test/unit' )and replace skip with
  • . use minitest (require 'minitest/autorun') and use skip itself

2. Ruby2.2 reports NameError: uninitialized constant <Object>::<Something> while Ruby2.1 works

3. Ruby2.2 not detecting sqlite3 gem and suggests to add it to Gemfile