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     * :o ruby-mysql does not have a gemspec      * (./) ruby-mysql does not have a gemspec
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== Rails 3 testcase == == Rails 3 testcases ==
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 * There should be an rails logo in the top right corner of the page (Sass test)  * There should be a rails logo in the top right corner of the page (Sass test)

Getting Rails 3 into Debian wheezy - coordination page

DISCLAIMER: we don't know if it will be possible to get Rails 3 on wheezy. Nevertheless, this page is being used to coordinate our attempt. -- AntonioTerceiro

TODO list

  • (./) metapackages: ruby-rails-3.2 + rails3 ACCEPTED

  • (./) Make Debian packages recognizable by Rubygems - this is necessary because of the way Rails uses bundler to declare application dependencies and load them at the right time. It will require overriding the Rubygems path and modifying dh_ruby to install a .gemspec file. WIP - terceiro

  • {*} mass upload of all packages depending on gem2deb

    • see this thread

    • Look out for relevant exceptions:
      • (./) ruby-sqlite3 does not have a gemspec

      • (./) ruby-mysql does not have a gemspec

      • :o ruby-pg does not have a gemspec

      • (./) ruby-sprockets is 2.4.x, while the actionpack gemspec requires 2.1.x !!!! added a fake gemspec to make the package also provide sprockets ~> 2.1.0 -- according to the upstream sprockets README the dependency should actually be ~> 2.0

  • Package missing dependencies:
    • (./) jquery-rails (2.0.2) ACCEPTED

    • rdoc not actually needed, provided by ruby

    • (./) coffee-script-source ACCEPTED

    • (./) execjs ACCEPTED

      • :o depends on a Javascript runtime. Node.js might not get into Wheezy, but maybe we can get execjs to work fine under gjs.

      • execjs also supports spidermonkey, but the spidermonkey adapter is marked as deprecated (why is that?)
      • for now, uploaded depending on nodejs -- we need to find a definitive runtime that is going to be available in Wheezy
    • (./) coffee-script waiting in NEW

      • must be patched to use the existing coffeescript from libjs-coffeescript)
    • (./) coffee-rails ACCEPTED

    • (./) sass-rails ACCEPTED

    • (./) uglifier ACCEPTED

  • (./) review ruby-railties-3.2 package

    • stop creating a modified Gemfile
    • recommend all packages used in the default Gemfile. Recommends: ruby-sqlite3, ruby-sass-rails, ruby-coffee-rails, ruby-uglifier, ruby-jquery-rails

    • some package must depend on rake
  • :o new upload of rubygems-integration (version 1.1)

    • includes a rdoc gemspec to make rubygems recognize the rdoc that already comes with Ruby
  • :o make sure that installing rails3 with rails (2.3) installed works (i.e. rails and its components are removed in favor of rails3 and its components).

    • also make sure the inverse also works (i.e. installing rails (2.3) while having rails3 installed)
  • (./) master bug preventing the entire rails 3 stack from entering testing: 674518

Rails 3 testcases

  • Create an empty application
    • the Gemfile must be same as the one created by rails installed via rubygems
    • yet nothing should be downloaded via rubygems/bundler
    • you must be able to boot the application
      • rails console
      • rails server
    • remove public/index.html
    • add a welcome controller and point the root to its index
  • acessing / must work
    • jquery and jquery_ujs must be referenced in the page header
  • rake assets:precompile must work
  • Coffee Script files must be properly compiled to Javascript and run
  • SASS files must be properly compiled to CSS and used

Sample application: testapp.tar.gz

  • the homepage must present "8 products until now."
  • each parragraph must have the rails logo as background in the right side
  • the page background should be yellow
  • there must be an alert saying "Hello from Coffee Script!"

Another sample application: foo.tar.gz

  • the homepage must present "10 products and counting" (activerecord/sqlite3 test)
  • there should be an alert saying "Hello from Coffee Script!" (Coffee Script test)
  • There should be a rails logo in the top right corner of the page (Sass test)