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   * --(rdoc-- '''not actually needed, provided by ruby'''    * --(rdoc)-- '''not actually needed, provided by ruby'''

Getting Rails 3 into Debian wheezy - coordination page

DISCLAIMER: we don't know if it will be possible to get Rails 3 on wheezy. Nevertheless, this page is being used to coordinate our attempt. -- AntonioTerceiro

TODO list

  • metapackages: ruby-rails-3.2 + rails3 - WIP - terceiro

  • Make Debian packages recognizable by Rubygems - this is necessary because of the way Rails uses bundler to declare application dependencies and load them at the right time. It will require overriding the Rubygems path and modifying dh_ruby to install a .gemspec file. WIP - terceiro

  • Package missing dependencies:
    • jquery-rails (2.0.2) WIP - terceiro

    • rdoc not actually needed, provided by ruby

    • coffee-script-source not needed (see coffee-script below)

    • execjs
      • depends on a Javascript runtime. Node.js might not get into Wheezy, but maybe we can get execjs to work fine under gjs.
    • coffee-script
      • must be patched to use the existing coffeescript from libjs-coffeescript)
    • coffee-rails
    • sass-rails
    • uglifier
  • bugs
    • master bug preventing the entire rails 3 stack from entering testing: 674518

    • bug links here