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ruby tests

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Introduction to software testing: Most of the ruby libraries contain test code which uses the functionanlity provided by the library and compare results with known inputs. Commonly used testing framework is rspec. Look in your gem to see if there is a 'spec' directory. Other test frameworks may use a 'test' directory.

Note: If you don't find ruby-tests.rb in debian directory, you have to create it from the sample file given above. You have to remove ruby-test-files.yaml too.

Uncomment this line in ruby-tests.rb to add custom library paths.

$: << 'lib' << '.'

If it could be done with not much effort, consider instead patching the tests not to override default $LOADPATH (aka $:) variable.

fixing errors

Tips to fixing test errors:

Note: Remember to add the build dependency you just found to Build-Depends: in debian/control

$: << 'lib' << '.' (something like $: << 'test' )