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Information are to be found here.

Information about the package reportbug are to be found here:

You might want to use that, as it is very comfortable (mainly for block-by and additional-infos).

After you have successfully built your package with dpkg-buildpackage and made sure all dependencies are added to debian/control, it is time to send an ITP (intent to package).

Send the email to:

The subject line is supposed to have the following syntax:

ITP: ruby-devise --  A gem that offers flexible authentication solution for Rails with Warden

which means you start with ITP and a colon (ITP:) add one space, then the name of your package (ruby-devise) one space, two hyphens and another space ( -- ) and finally the short description.

The content should look similar to this:

package: wnpp
Severity: wishlist
Owner: 'Your Name' <yourid@example.domain>

*Package Name : devise
 Version : 2.1.2
 Upstream Author : José Valim, Carlos Antônio (Author name/s of the Gem).
*URL : (Link to the git repo of the Gem)
*License : Expat
*Description :  Flexible authentication solution for Rails with Warden

I am packaging devise as it is a dependency of devise_invitable
(#691181)  which is a dependency of diaspora (#597093)

The last line is not mandatory. You will find the relevant info in the files you already edited (changelog, copyright and control). Once you get the confirmation for your ITP you can add the bug-number to debian/changelog:

* Initial release (Closes: #692057 )

and get rid of the according lintian error.

block by

Detailed info can be found here:

If your package can't be installed because one of its dependencies is not installable, but already set to ITP.

Send an email to:

Give the info in the subject line. Tell which package blocks your package:

devise (691525 ) blocks devise_invitable (691181)

In the body use this syntax (ITP-number block by ITP-number)

block 691181 by 691525

add additional info

Once you added your package as a git repo to * gitorious debian-diaspora you should add the info about the git-repository to the bug.

Send an email to:

Make the subject line look like this:

Re: ITP: ruby-devise --  A gem that offers flexible authentication solution for Rails with Warden

(add an Re: before your original subject line).

And give the info where your git repository is to be found. For example:

The git-repository is to be found here: