Subject: State of the transition to the new Ruby policy

Dear Release Team,

Since the beginning of the development cycle for Wheezy [0], the Ruby team has been working on several big changes in the Ruby policy for a better support of several versions of the interpreter and improvement of the global quality of Ruby packages.

The packaging rules are described on a dedicated Wiki page [1] and in a draft of the Ruby policy [2].

The Ruby team has been putting a lot of effort [3] during this development cycle to convert the packages they maintain to this new policy (270+ packages).

Unfortunately, many packages not maintained by the team still follow the now obsolete policy used for Squeeze. It is vital that the transition finishes before the release of Wheezy, in order to ensure coherence in the installation and use of the Ruby libraries and applications in the stable release. In order to talk the maintainers of these packages into converting them to the new policy, we want to send an email to debian-devel-announce@l.d.o with the content below (here).

However, in case the transition is not completely finished for the freeze, could you suggest ways in which the team can act? Is it conceivable to add the end of the Ruby transition as a release goal? Would it be OK to consider Ruby packages that have not transitioned as NMU-able in order to make them comply to the new policy? OTOH, transitioning a packaging is quite invasive (e.g. most of the time it includes renaming both source and binary packages), so perhaps you may have other suggestions.

Thank you very much,

For the Ruby Team,