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 * [[svn-builpackage]]  * [[svn-buildpackage]]

Resources for teams

This page is a collection of resources available for (packaging) teams. Its purpose is to compile scattered informations and tools.


BOFs at DebConfs

  • Summary of the BOF about team-maintaining packages (containing further links); DebConf8, Mar del Plata

  • Summary of the BOF about finding and integrating new members into teams; DebConf9, Cáceres


Talks by Andreas Tille about DebianMed, Debian Science, Debian Pure Blends

Other overviews

Packaging team best practice (mail to debian-devel about the Python Modules and the Erlang Team)


Command line tools

scripts used by the Debian Perl Group

Packages and packaging tools

Web based tools


Tools to use a Version Control System for team-maintainance:

Finding, integrating, supporting ... members

Examples of pages for potential new contributors:

to be filled