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 * 2010-04, on [[http://blogs.turmzimmer.net/2010/04/04#squeeze-9||debian-planet]] ''(semi-official)'' - RFH: Release Team (aka, how to help)

Release Team


  • Website: http://release.debian.org

  • Documentation: http://release.debian.org

  • Unix group: debian-release

  • Services handled by the team:
    • /org/release.debian.org/ on host ftp-master.debian.org
    • /org/ftp.debian.org/queue/p-u-new/COMMENTS on host ftp-master.debian.org
    • /org/ftp.debian.org/queue/o-p-u-new/COMMENTS on host ftp-master.debian.org

Interacting with the team

  • Read the FAQ first: DebianReleaseFAQ

  • Email contact: <debian-release AT lists DOT debian DOT org>

  • Request tracker: release.debian.org pseudo bug (read this announcement)

  • Public IRC channel: #debian-release on irc.debian.org (OFTC)

Team documentation

Usual roles

  • Luk Claes (IRC nick luk): Release Manager
  • Adeodato Simo (IRC nick dato): Release Manager
  • Philipp Kern (IRC nick phil): Stable Release Manager
  • Neil McGovern (IRC nick Maulkin): Release Assistant

  • Pierre Habouzit (IRC nick MadCoder): Release Assistant

  • Adam D. Barratt (IRC nick adsb): Release Assistant
  • Felipe Auguso van de Wiel (IRC nick faw): Release Assistant
  • Jurij Smakov (IRC nick trave11er): Release Assistant
  • Dann Frazier (IRC nick dannf): Release Assistant
  • Steve Langasek (IRC nick vorlon): Release Wizard
  • Andreas Barth (IRC nick aba): Release Wizard
  • Marc Brockschmidt (IRC nick HE): Release Wizard

Task description

Managing release cycles for testing and stable.

Get involved

  • {*}

    • Have a look at the BTS for bugs that can be closed.

    • Have a look at the mailing list archive for outstanding issues and file them as bugs against release.debian.org

  • {*}{*}

    • Fix an RC bug from this list of RC bugs.

    • Find actions to be taken to have the packages listed on this page migrate to testing and put them in the comments.

  • {*}{*}{*}

    • Help implementing a transition tracker (contact <luk AT debian DOT org>)

    • Fix britney: tpu does not need approval hints anymore in some cases?
    • Fix britney2: see TODO.

    • Find hints to be added.

More stuff


See also the point release (see lenny, etch...)