Please request a transition slot from the Release Team by filing a transition bug report against (reportbug has a template). In some cases, it might be prudent to also send an email to debian-devel-announce, but please see the section below on that subject.

In the transition bug report, please include the list of affected source packages and what needs to be done with each of them. In some cases, a lot of binNMUs will be enough (e.g. a clean library ABI bump) though in other cases sourceful uploads are required (e.g. API change).

Please do not upload the package to unstable without approval from the release team. In the meantime, you are more than welcome (and even encouraged) to use experimental.

The release team will (based on your input) setup a transition page for the transition (see This page can be used to help tracking the progress of the transition after it starts. It is also common to "block" the transition bug report by FTBFS (and other) bugs that are (or could end up) stalling the transitions.

Until the transition finishes, please be prepared to help out fixing outstanding issues with the transition. This includes checking build statuses, finding (bin)NMU or RM candidates.

debian-devel-announce mails

If you are sending an email to d-d-a about the transition, here are some recommendations.

Speeding up transitions

Here are some hints to getting your transitions started and finished sooner.