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     * Update deb.li/relparty to point at the new ReleaseParty page

<!> This is template of the RM's TODO list, which might not be authorative or complete.

The following things need to be done for a release:

Tagging RC Bugs

At some point, we will have to tag the remaining RC bugs to filter what should be removed/deferred/fixed. It's possible to define our own sorting criteria by sending the following request to ?control@bugs.debian.org:

user release.debian.org@packages.debian.org
usercategory codename-sort
  * Codename [tag=]
    + Blockers for Codename [codename-is-blocker]
    + Planned for removal [codename-will-remove]
    + Ignored for Codename [codename-can-defer]

Then, usertagged bugs will be listed on:


Useful references about this feature are:

Before freeze

  • Decide on a code name for <codename>+2

    • Get that included in BTS tags:
      • @gTags in /srv/bugs.debian.org/etc/config on bugs-master.debian.org
      • bts_release_tags and bts_release_ignore_tags in webwml

    • Edit wiki pages to add the new release: ReleaseParty DebianReleases DebianXXXX DebianXXXX-1

      • Update deb.li/relparty to point at the new ReleaseParty page

  • Theme (artwork) design should be finalised and decided
  • Prepare the website changes
    • Ensure that the following pages exist on debian.org/releases/<RELEASENAME>

      • index
      • credits
      • errata
      • installmanual (requires installmanual is being built for RELEASE as well)
      • releasenotes (requires releasenotes is being built for RELEASE as well)
      • reportingbugs
    • There should also be a page for debian.org/releases/<RELEASENAME+1> as there are some links to it.

    • The pages should say they are beta versions/not released etc. at this point
    • Assert the architecture list is up to date (release.data), new ports should be available on https://debian.org/ports (ports/index.wml)

  • Decide on Release Architectures
  • Have FTP masters create security + backports archive for upcoming release
  • Have DSA upgrade a non-critical machine
    • Suggestions include: lindsay.debian.org (the host doing the lintian archive-wide run)
  • Have DSA upgrade a buildd for each architecture
    • Do a checklist for each architecture/buildd machine

Before a Release

  • binNMU everything that has a Built-Using header and is using old versions to remove old source packages from the release.
  • d-i should have (beta or even better rc) releases
  • Do at least one DVD making dry run with the right installer, to ensure that everything fits properly.
  • Install Guide should be up-to-date
  • ReleaseNotes need to be updated:

    • Check with ?KernelTeam for specials with the Kernel

    • Check with d-i team for specials with this update (check esp. if old versions of d-i should be purged if new versions enter $suite's d-i area)
    • Check with Security Team for lower supported packages

    • Coordinate with translators
  • Install & upgrade tests should reveal no undocumented (release notes, install guide) surprises

  • Coordinate date with the FTP-Team
    • Have an FTP-master ready/notified/available 3 weeks before the Release
  • Website:
    • Have a patch ready for template/debian/release_info.wml to update the current release. This is to be deployed during the release.
    • Ensure the planned release date is on debian.org/releases
  • Send the preparation mail.
  • Notify the Security Team of an upcoming Release

  • Notify the Debian CD team of an upcoming Release

  • Notify the DebianLive Team of an upcoming Release

  • Notify the Mirror team of an upcoming Release
  • Notify the publicity team of an upcoming Release

  • Prepare press release

    • coordinate with d-i team for text for d-i changes
  • Prepare the wiki changes

While the Release

  • Mention things that are happening on IRC so the publicity team can relay to social media

  • Check with the FTP-Masters
    • d-i needs to be moved
    • new win32-loader?
    • cleanup of $codename-proposed-updates and $codename-security
    • stable-updates needs its suite name hack updated to oldstable-updates
  • Check /srv/ftp-master.debian.org/ftp/dists/$codename/ChangeLog
  • Check if /srv/ftp.debian.org/ftp/README was updated.
  • Sign the release file
  • Check that everything that should be released really was released
  • Notify debian-security@lists.debian.org as people tend to cry occassionally

  • Notify the Publicity Team, that Release is done (tell them when the Release will be pushed out)
  • Notify the Debian CD Team that the Release is done

  • Notify the DebianLive Team that the Release is done

  • Update the website
  • Update the wiki (coordinated with ReleaseNotes's editor)

  • Watch mailing-lists for abnormalities
  • Backup/flush hint files.
  • Update release.debian.org/{oldoldstable,oldstable,stable,testing} symlinks; create the new suite for testing as a copy of stable and edit

After the release