<!> This is a RM's TODO list, which might not be authoritative or complete.

The following things need to be done for a release:

Tagging RC Bugs

At some point, we will have to tag the remaining RC bugs to filter what should be removed/deferred/fixed. It's possible to define our own sorting criteria by sending the following request to request@bugs.debian.org:

user release.debian.org@packages.debian.org
usercategory codename-sort
  * Codename [tag=]
    + Blockers for Codename [codename-is-blocker]
    + Planned for removal [codename-will-remove]
    + Ignored for Codename [codename-can-defer]

Then, usertagged bugs will be listed on:


Useful references about this feature are:

Before freeze

Before a Release

While Releasing

After the release

Before enabling Britney and removing freeze hints