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   * Have an item added to the [[Teams/DebianCD/ReleaseTesting|Debian CD release testing page]] so CD testers can make themselves available on the date

<!> This is a SRM's TODO list, which might not be authorative or complete.

The following things need to be done for a point release:

Before a Point Release

During the Point Release

  • Deactivate the queue-viewer
  • Check with the FTP-Masters
    • List of packages that needs to be released
    • List of packages (including bug numbers) that need to be removed
      • /srv/ftp-master.debian.org/queue/$queue/COMMENTS/REMOVALS , displayed on queue-viewer
    • List of packages that need updating in $suite-r0
    • Need d-i to be moved from p-u?
    • Need to decruft?
  • Check /srv/ftp-master.debian.org/ftp/dists/$codename/ChangeLog
  • Check if /srv/ftp-master.debian.org/ftp/README was updated.
  • Sign the release file

After the Point Release

  • Check that everything that should be released really was released
  • Archive/tidy the COMMENTS directory and reactivate the queue-viewer
  • Notify debian-security@lists.debian.org as people tend to cry occasionally

  • Notify the PressTeam, that Point Release is done (tell them when the Point Release will be pushed out)

  • Notify the Debian CD Team that the Point Release is done

  • Notify the DebianLive Team that the Point Release is done

  • Notify rha for Debian WSL build to update the filesystem tarball, sign and upload to Microsoft for onward distribution via Microsoft Store
  • Update the website
  • Watch mailing-lists for abnormalities
  • Notify Distrowatch; send a mail to distro@distrowatch.com

  • Propose a tweet/dent on the #debian-publicity IRC channel

  • Submit a patch for the Debian timeline

  • Update the version number on various wiki pages (DebianSqueeze DebianWheezy)