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 * Ping for an updated ia32-libs

<!> This is a SRM's TODO list, which might not be authorative or complete.

The following things need to be done for a point release:

Before a PointRelease

  • Move remaining (suitable) packages from p-u-new to p-u
  • Make sure removal bugs are assigned to release.d.o in the BTS and mentioned in the queue-viewer
    • /org/{o-,}p-u-new/COMMENTS/REMOVALS
  • Check with ?KernelTeam for specials with the Kernel

  • Check with d-i team for specials with this update (check esp. if old versions of d-i should be purged if new versions enter $suite's d-i area)
  • Check if ReleaseNotes need to be updated. If yes, coordinate with translators

  • Check if the Security Team's debtags need to be updated. If so, coordinate with EnricoZini.

  • Coordinate date with the FTP-Team, Debian CD and ?PressTeam

    • Have an FTP-master ready/notified/available 3 weeks before the Point Release
  • Make sure base-files has been uploaded to update /etc/debian-version (this can be lingering in p-u-NEW for a while in advance, too)
  • Ping for an updated ia32-libs
  • Check whether any packages need adding or updating in $suite-r0
  • Send an announcement of the date to the release, security, press, CD, live, kernel, installer and web teams using this list of addresses:
  • Send an announcement to debian-stable-announce encouraging people to test stuff in p-u (for the misc bugfixes, not the incorporated DSAs, see SUA3-1 for an example).

  • Prepare ?PressAnnouncement

    • coordinate with d-i team for text for d-i changes
    • Generate the mail using point-release-mail.
  • Review that security archive is in sync with stable + p-u
  • Review that p-u is built on all arches for all packages
  • Prepare the website changes

During the PointRelease

  • Check with the FTP-Masters
    • List of packages that needs to be released
    • List of packages (including bug numbers) that need to be removed
      • /srv/ftp-master.debian.org/queue/$queue/COMMENTS/REMOVALS , displayed on queue-viewer
    • List of packages that need updating in $suite-r0
    • Need d-i to be moved from p-u?
    • Need to decruft?
  • Check /srv/ftp-master.debian.org/ftp/dists/$codename/ChangeLog
  • Check if /srv/ftp-master.debian.org/ftp/README was updated.
  • Sign the release file

After the PointRelease