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   * sip.debian.org on host vogler.debian.org decommissioned (https://alioth-lists.debian.net/pipermail/debian-rtc-team/2020-May/000194.html)
   * voip.debian.{org,net} on host vogler.debian.org decommissioned (https://alioth-lists.debian.net/pipermail/debian-rtc-team/2020-May/000194.html)
   * rtc.debian.org on host static.debian.org decommissioned (https://alioth-lists.debian.net/pipermail/debian-rtc-team/2020-May/000194.html)
   * sip.debian.org on host vogler.debian.org [[https://alioth-lists.debian.net/pipermail/debian-rtc-team/2020-May/000194.html|decommissioned]]
   * voip.debian.{org,net} on host vogler.debian.org [[https://alioth-lists.debian.net/pipermail/debian-rtc-team/2020-May/000194.html|decommissioned]]
   * rtc.debian.org on host static.debian.org [[https://alioth-lists.debian.net/pipermail/debian-rtc-team/2020-May/000194.html|decommissioned]]

Real Time Communications


Interacting with the team


Task description

  • to provide convenient solutions for DDs to use on an every day basis
  • to make better use of our communication packages
  • to become more familiar with how to build complete end-to-end solutions using 100% free software
  • to demonstrate Debian's commitment to this area is just as significant as in all our other infrastructure (wiki's, mailing list hosting, etc)

Get involved

The following teams also provide support for communications within the Debian Project:

Packaging teams for VoIP and XMPP maintain the software packages, while the RTC team operates the service using some of these packages.