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## page was renamed from Teams/PythonModulesTeam

Debian Python Modules Team (DPMT)

Official webpage for the DPMT team.

Task description

Python Modules Packaging Team aims to improve the Python modules situation in Debian, by packaging available modules that may be useful and providing a central location for packages maintained by a team, hence improving responsiveness, integration and standardization.

We are not about packaging the Python interpreter or Python applications (check the Python Applications Packaging Team for that).



If you have any Python module that you would like to get to Debian, please join this team. Read the FAQ for some advices how to make your own package (see also Python/LibraryStyleGuide).

Most common tasks one needs to do are summarized in the Python Git packaging howto.


(Please add yourself below, if you are a member)


The list here contains wiki documentation to some packages that DPMT manages. Feel free to add your packages here.