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  * [:python-scipy: python-scipy]

Debian Python Modules Team (DPMT)

Task description

Python Modules Packaging Team aims to improve the python modules situation in Debian, by packaging available modules that may be useful and providing a central location for packages maintained by a team, hence improving responsiveness, integration and standardization.

We are not about packaging the python interpreter (check the pkg-python alioth project for that) or python applications (check the [:Teams/PythonAppsPackagingTeam: Python Applications Packaging Team] for that).



If you have any Python module that you would like to get to Debian, please join this team.

Most common tasks one needs to do are summarized in ["PAPT Howto"] (just substitute python-modules for python-apps in the svn paths).


(Please add yourself below, if you are a member)


The list here contains wiki documentation to some packages that DPMT manages. Feel free to add your package here.

  • [:python-numpy: python-numpy] (also contains info about Numeric, Numarray, f2py in Debian)
  • [:python-scipy: python-scipy]