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As team member Piotr Ożarowski puts it:

 'PPS hint to others: my favourite join requests are signed, include
   "I've read https://python-modules.alioth.debian.org/python-modules-policy.html and I accept it"
 and mention previous Python/Debian work (package names? patches? bug

How To Join DPMT & PAPT Teams

This document describes the steps needed to join Python Modules (DPMT) and/or Python Applications (PAPT) teams. It assumes that you already read PAPT / DPMT policy and agree with it.

How To Contact Us

You can use this places to ask us questions about packaging (not programming problems, please, for that uses #python on Freenode network) of Python modules and/or applications.

Request Access to Alioth Teams

If you don't have one already, register an account on Alioth and mention it in your email to debian-python@lists.debian.org.

It's also nice if you can describe your request of joining, in particular what packages you want to maintain with us (is already in the team, new or such) and other things that may describe your interest in modules/apps stuff. You can also present yourself (after having requested to join) sending an email to the mailing list mentioned above, so the whole team knows you're coming.

As team member Piotr Ożarowski puts it:

Your request will be approved once an admin examines it; you'll receive notification when it happens.

Work With The Packages

There is already a guide about basic tasks with packages in DPMT/PAPT teams ?here (just replace python-apps with python-modules if you're working with DPMT instead of PAPT).

Some remarks:

  • use -o option to svn-inject, this will avoid storing the upstream source code in the repo, but only the Debian packaging;

  • check that .diff.gz doesn't contain any direct changes to the upstream files (they will end up with some mess on the repo); if you need to change them, use a patch system (hint: lsdiff -z *.diff.gz -x '*/debian/*' | wc -l should return 0);

Policy About Maintainer and Uploaders Fields

There is a unwritten policy about the usage of Maintainer and Uploaders field, you might be interested to know about:

  • If the team is in the Maintainer field (and you are in Uploaders field) then every member of the team can apply changes to the package and upload it freely;

  • if you are in the Maintainer field (and the team is in Uploaders field) then every member of the team can apply changes to the package but any upload should be acknowledged by you (there are some exceptions, like uploads to fix RC bugs, but are infrequent).

As a general rule of thumb, just set Maintainer to the team; there might be some exceptions, like in situations where the package is so complex that a check from a knowledgeable person is welcome before an upload but they are very rare.

If the team is in Maintainer field, remember to subscribe appropriate mailing list or at least bts and contact keywords on this page.

Request For Sponsorship

There are several ways you can ask for a review and (hopefully) for a sponsorship of your package:

  • add your package to the topic of #debian-python IRC channel
  • mail the debian-python@lists.debian.org mailing list RFS the package

  • use the TODO page for DPMT and ?PAPT

  • bother someone on #debian-python IRC channel :)