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 * '''Website''': http://python-apps.alioth.debian.org/  * '''Website''': https://alioth.debian.org/projects/python-apps/

Python Applications Packaging Team (PAPT)

Python Applications Packaging Team is a sister of Debian Python Modules Team. We are taking care of Python applications, i.e. end user programs written in Python that usually do not provide public modules. We are not about packaging Python modules or Python interpreter.


If you have an application implemented in Python that you would like to get packaged in Debian, please join this team.

We manage all our packages in the alioth svn repository (see the links above) and use "svn-buildpackage" to build it. This way, anyone from the team can easily work on any package and the sponsor can easily fix some small problems and upload it.

Most common tasks one needs to do are summarized in howto.

Suggested addition to this page:

* Talk at PyCon 2007 on Packaging Python for Linux Distributions - includes practical tips on packaging Python packages for Debian http://advocacy.python.org/podcasts/pycon2007.rss