Puppet Team Work in Progress


5.6 is currently in sid/buster. 6 has Puppet Server as a strict requirement, as the CA functionality has become part of Puppet Server. Additionally, most of the native resource types have been split out to separate modules, which we must obtain and package separately.

We are missing some dependencies and we need to sort out PuppetDB first, before attempting to package Puppet Server.

Puppet Server

These are the packages we need to work on to be able to get puppetserver in Debian. The full dependency tree can be seen here.

When creating a bug for a top-level package, please mark it as blocking the RFP for puppetserver:

Control: block 830904 by -1


Current Status

The PuppetDB package in unstable is as of Sep 2018 broken.

Autopkgtests failing: https://ci.debian.net/packages/p/puppetdb/

The PuppetDB process fails to start, being unable to find any subcommands.

Apart from being broken for the past 6 months, the package never migrated to testing, mostly due to the following RC bugs:

If we want to see PuppetDB in Buster, all of these bugs must be resolved.

Packaging notes

PuppetDB & deps were packaged without using leiningen, as it was not in the archive at the time. Any dependency being re-uploaded should be converted to build using leiningen.

TBD: provide sample d/rules content for building with leiningen, at least until we have a DH buildsystem that does that automatically.