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 * [[Teams/Publicity/Release|Help with the promotion of the Release of Stretch]]  * [[Teams/Publicity/Release|Help with the promotion of the next Debian release]]

Debian Publicity Team

Task description

  • The publicity team moderate news and announcements in all the Debian official resources:
  • mailing lists of general interest, such as debian-announce and debian-news (but not the the localized -news-$lang mailing lists)

  • the official blog of the Debian project, Bits from Debian

  • the micronews website https://micronews.debian.org/

  • any official social media of the project
  • and any other channels where Debian gets an official online presence.
  • The team is also responsible for the maintenance of the News part of the English version of the Debian website (i.e. the content currently located under webwml/english/News/).
  • The team is in charge of deciding the most suitable publication venue or venues for announcements and when they are published.
  • Team members must word articles in a way that reflects the Debian project's stance on issues rather than their own personal opinion.
  • Finally, the Publicity Team is the official Debian contact point for press inquiries and media people outside Debian. When acting in such capacity, members of the team act as a spokesperson of the Debian Project.
  • Reference: Updating delegation - Press/Publicity/Bits, by the DPL, September 2015

Services handled by the team


  • Unix group: publicity (needed to trigger a partial rebuild on www-master.debian.org, after having committed new announcements)

  • Files: master.debian.org:/home/publicity/private/ (passwords for external services)

Interacting with the team

Contact points

How to use publicity "services"

Developer information explains how to use press/publicity facilities.

Get involved

Help with the promotion of the Releases

Contribute to Debian Project News

Translate announcements and press releases

Promote Debian

Tracking press coverage

Other tasks

  • {*} Review draft communications. Verify exactitude, relevance and proper form (language, etc).

  • {*} Submit events to the Debian timeline.

Other projects (may require more involvement)

  • {*}{*} Contact people, interview and propose drafts of success stories to be published.

  • {*}{*} Follow other groups, and ensure those with newsworthy activity are properly covered. Make sure they communicate and do so optimally (going through the publicity group when appropriate).



Historical communications about publicity

Usual roles

The listing below includes regular contributors also.

DPL-delegated members

Persons with access to Debian's identi.ca account

Former Press Team delegates