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  * Donald Norwood

Debian Publicity Team


Services handled by the team:


Interacting with the team

Contact points

How to use publicity "services"

Developer information explains how to use press/publicity facilities.

Get involved


  • {*} Look for news from the press (see Tracking press coverage below) and update press coverage pages.

  • {*} Find a topic for a DPN entry.

  • {*} Redact a DPN entry.

  • {*} Translate draft communications (press releases, DPN editions).

  • {*} Review draft communications. Verify exactitude, relevance and proper form (language, etc).

  • {*} Submit events to the Debian timeline.

More involved:

  • {*}{*} Contact people, interview and propose drafts of success stories to be published.

  • {*}{*} Follow other groups, and ensure those with newsworthy activity are properly covered. Make sure they communicate and do so optimally (going through the publicity group when appropriate).

Tracking press coverage

Use these links for updating press coverage pages and potential success stories:

Historical communications about publicity

Usual roles

The listing below includes regular contributors also.

Persons with access to Debian's identi.ca account

Current members

  • Moray Allan (IRC nick moray) Editor of Debian Project News
  • Valessio S Brito (IRC nick valessio) Helps with Artwork and Marketing Strategy

  • Cédric Boutillier (IRC nick boutil) Editor of Debian Project News
  • Raphaël Hertzog handles identi.ca Debian account

  • Justin B Rye Main reviewer of Debian Project News and announcements

  • Paul Wise (IRC nick pabs)
  • Stefano Zacchiroli (IRC nick zack)

  • Martin Zobel-Helas (IRC nick zobel)


  • Alexander Reichle-Schmehl

  • Meike Reichle
  • Andreas Barth
  • Joey Schulze
  • Michael Banck
  • Lucas Nussbaum
  • Graham Cobb proof-reading
  • Martin F. Krafft
  • Don Armstrong
  • Jeff Richards
  • Jon Evans
  • Marc Brockschmidt
  • Jens Seidel
  • Joey Hess
  • AndreFelipeMachado Debian Times contributing editor and press coverage pages maintainer contributor

  • Jeremiah C. Foster