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When to submit a blog post

  • When you have something interesting to announce that's not so serious that it needs a press release.
  • To expand in a press release with data, photos, etc, in a more informal way.
  • When you have announced something in your personal blog that you think could benefit or a bigger audience. You can ask for a re-post from your blogpost.
  • You can also suggest a blog post about something in Debian you think deserves highlighting or advertisement.
  • When you want to add new content about Debian: e.g. interviews, or hilights of new software in the archive, new port, etc
  • To publish the results of a Debian sponsored sprint, in adition of a post in d-d-a or other debian list.

How to submit a blog post

Depending on blog post, you can drop a line on IRC or send and email to debian-publicity@ about it and ask people to write about it. Or you can write the post yourself. To write the post, just use markdown. There is a template at <https://anonscm.debian.org/cgit/debbits/debbits.git/plain/template.md> and then submit it to the mailing list or contact the editors on IRC.

Posts ideas

Sprint report

When writing a post about a sprint, you should cover the following points:

  • Background information about the team(s) meeting
  • Quick overview of the points discussed or worked on in the meeting.
  • Any output from the sprints that's visible to users.
  • A photo of the people participating in the sprint. It's not compulsory but adds a human touch :)