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* add tag for translators
identical to "authors", it will appear in the translated posts

* add feeds for translations


When to submit a blog post

  • When you have something interesting to announce that's not so serious that it needs a press release.
  • To expand in a press release with data, photos, etc, in a more informal way.
  • When you have announced something in your personal blog that you think could benefit or a bigger audience. You can ask for a re-post from your blogpost.
  • You can also suggest a blog post about something in Debian you think deserves highlighting or advertisement.
  • When you want to add new content about Debian: e.g. interviews, or hilights of new software in the archive, new port, etc
  • To publish the results of a Debian sponsored sprint, in adition of a post in d-d-a or other debian list.

How to submit a blog post

Depending on blog post, you can drop a line on IRC or send and email to debian-publicity@ about it and ask people to write about it. Or you can write the post yourself. To write the post, just use markdown. There is a template at https://anonscm.debian.org/cgit/publicity/bits.git/plain/template.md and then submit it to the mailing list or contact the editors on IRC.


See the translation subpage

Posts ideas

Sprint report

When writing a post about a sprint, you should cover the following points:

  • Background information about the team(s) meeting
  • Quick overview of the points discussed or worked on in the meeting.
  • Any output from the sprints that's visible to users.
  • A photo of the people participating in the sprint. It's not compulsory but adds a human touch :)

Debian in the Field

Steps for anyone to write a Debian in the Field post:

  1. Find an amazing person or organisation using Debian in some form
  2. Find out what is special about it, a paragraph in general terms that someone outside of IT will understand, and with enough technical detail to fill another paragraph
  3. Get permission from the person or organisation to use this information publically.
  4. Get some gripping images to illustrate what is special about them.
  5. Get permission to use the images, see the licence.
  6. Include the disclaimer: This use in the field is shared to show Debian in use and does not express the view of nor is an endorsement from the Debian Project.

Blog categories

This is work in progress

* Category: general (this is the default one: bits.debian.org ) - bi-month post with new DDs and DM:

  • 1st sept, 1st nov, 1st jan, 1st mar, 1st may, 1st jul

* Category: new packages [bits.debian.org/newpackages/ ] - weekly post every Monday

* Category: debaday [bits.debian.org/debaday/ ] - whenever a post is ready

* Category: dif (Debian in the field) [bits.debian.org/dif/ ] - whenever a post is ready

* Category: WDYD (What do you do) [bits.debian.org/wdyd/ ] - whenever a post is ready

* Category: debconf (bits.debian.org/debconf ) - for debconf posts is people doing debconf publicity want this

Ana's TODO for bits.debian.org

Things that ana plans to do:

* add categories: Post by default don't have a category, but some do and appear in the "subblogs", e.g.: http://bits.debian.org/dif/ for the debian in the field posts.

* workflow + documentation for translators

* Have translations line added in the RSS line (so they're visible from planet and RSS agregators)

* Add copyright / license of images we put in posts somewhere