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  * usual [[Teams/Publicity/Identica|procedure]] except silence eventually counts as an ack   * usual [[Teams/Publicity/micronews|procedure]] except silence eventually counts as an ack

Debian 9 (stretch) is planned to be released on 2017-06-17.

If you have time the week before, and particularly the day of the release, you can engage with the Publicity Team to help promoting the release.

Below is a list of tasks to which you can contribute. Feel free to edit this page to add more tasks or ideas, split them in microtasks, and sign up for the ones that you can do :)

Urgent stuff

Graphical resources

Live microblog coverage of the release

  • Coordinator:
  • Contributors: Laura Arjona

  • Resources: From older releases: git Repo (Dents from the past releases and random facts, stats and other titbits), details about what was needed for Jessie in this mailing list thread - https://anonscm.debian.org/cgit/publicity/publicity.git/tree/release/dents - Micronews: https://micronews.debian.org/pages/contribute.html

  • What you can do: Send proposals for dents, engage in IRC to acknowledge the publications
  • When: starting about 08:00 UTC on 2017-06-17
  • IRC channels:
    • posting will be co-ordinated on the #debian-publicity IRC channel
    • usual procedure except silence eventually counts as an ack

    • the various teams related to the release are co-ordinating on IRC, you'll need to be on some of their channels to help draft/post dents: #debian-release #debian-ftp #debian-boot #debian-cd #debian-live #debian-buildd #debian-backports #debian-admin #debian-mirrors #debian-security #debian-www
      • if #debian-release has been muted because of noise, try joining again to get voice or /msg jmw
  • Notes:

Release announcement

  • Coordinator:
  • Contributors:
  • Resources: Git Repository
  • What you can do: Write, proofread, translate the announcement.

Article for blog (bits.debian.org)

Release party in Debian Party Line