Publicity and Press for Debian contributors

If you are a Debian contributor and you have news to share, please check the following guidelines.

Before posting to debian-devel-announce ask yourself: is the announcement for developers or rather a more general one? In case it is more general please consider contacting the -publicity team and collaborate with them; the announcement might be suitable for debian-news too, and in that case -publicity will be happy to help wording it properly.

See the different services handled by the team and our contact points.

In general you should send a mail with a draft announcement of what you want to post, and propose the different channels where to post it, asking for review and/or advice.

In some specific case, the news you want to share might be somewhat delicate. That is news where you don't want the (external) press to pick up stuff prematurely (they read -publicity too and don't always wait for us to finish an announcement, so sometimes it's better to first find a proper wording in private and publish that) or that should not become public before a certain point in time (servers synced, new service ready, ...). In those cases would be the proper contact since it's not a public list.

Otherwise is mainly the official press contact for the Debian Project and used by external people to contact the Debian Project in press or PR related matters. If some people ask you who to contact for those matters, please inform them to contact

How to use our "services" may have more information.