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||<tablestyle="width: 100%;" style="border: 0px hidden">~-[:DebianWiki/EditorGuide#translation:Translation(s)]: none-~||<style="text-align: right;border: 0px hidden"> (!) [:/Discussion:Discussion]|| ||<tablestyle="width: 100%;" style="border: 0px hidden">~-[[DebianWiki/EditorGuide#translation|Translation(s)]]: none-~||<style="text-align: right;border: 0px hidden"> (!) [[/Discussion|Discussion]]||
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[[Icon(icon-info.png)]] [wiki:self:Teams/Publicity/DebianTimesProposal Debian Times original proposal] <<Icon(icon-info.png)>> [[self:Teams/Publicity/DebianTimesProposal|Debian Times original proposal]]
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[[Icon(icon-info.png)]] [wiki:/Guidelines Debian Times team guidelines] <<Icon(icon-info.png)>> [[/Guidelines|Debian Times team guidelines]]
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[[Icon(alert.png)]] [wiki:/Drafts Debian Times Team draft area] <<Icon(alert.png)>> [[/Drafts|Debian Times Team draft area]]
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[[Icon(icon-info.png)]] [wiki:/PressReleases Debian Times Team press releases area] <<Icon(icon-info.png)>> [[/PressReleases|Debian Times Team press releases area]]

Translation(s): none

(!) ?Discussion

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Debian Times resources and publishings

{i} ?Debian Times original proposal

{i} Debian Times team guidelines

/!\ Debian Times Team draft area

{i} Debian Times Team press releases area