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Debian 5.0 Lenny is coming: target release date

With the Debian Installer RC2 announcement (and following the plan outlined in the previous release update) we are now in deep freeze, which means that we will only be migrating to testing those packages which fix RC bugs.

The weekend of February 14th is going to be our tentative target for release. We've checked with all the involved teams (which are many!) and the date works for all of them.

The intention is to only lift that date if either something really critical pops up which could not possibly be handled as an errata, or if we end up technically unable to release that weekend (e.g., a needed machine crashes). Every other fix that doesn't make it in time will be r1 material.

We also intend for there to be a "Lenny and a half" release half-way through the Squeeze release cycle, as was done for Etch. If necessary, during the "Lenny and a half" release additional hardware support will be considered.

Read the full announcement.

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