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Announcing BrDesktop for the Brazilian home desktop user

What is BrDesktop?

It is a selection of official Debian GNU/Linux packages. A Pure Blend, pre-configured and targeted for Brazilian Debian GNU/Linux home desktop users.

ALL of its packages are installable from the official Debian GNU/Linux repositories. The BrDesktop difference is in the selection, default language, programs and security preconfigurations for home desktop users, a streamlined installation aided by preconfigurations, a Live-CD option, a unique desktop theme, and the participation of the Brazilian Debian community.

The ?BrDesktop Lenny iso image uses the Debian GNU/Linux 5.0.1 Lenny packages up-to-date as of 11-April-2009.

Some of the default ?BrDesktop packages are:

Where to download BrDesktop?

You can download 32 and 64 bit versions from the Downloads section of the ?BrDesktop site.

Join BrDesktop

The ?BrDesktop is developed and maintained by Brazilian users and developers. The development process is coordinated on the discussion list and IRC, which is available to all interested persons to participate. All improvements will become part of the Debian Project official repository, and as such must follow the Debian Policy for quality. Visit the Development section of ?BrDesktop site.

End user support is done at the Portuguese Debian User mailing list as it is a Debian GNU/Linux Pure Blend.

About the Debian Project

Debian GNU/Linux is one of the free libre operating systems, with a broad list of officially maintained packages on 11 hardware platforms, from cell phones to mainframes, developed by more than two thousand volunteers from all over the world who collaborate on the Debian Project.

The Debian Project's key strengths are it's volunteer base, it's dedication to Free Libre Open Source Software, to the Debian Social Contract and the non-profit nature of the Debian Constitution, it's open and meritocratic development model, it's organization and social governance and it's commitment to provide the best operating systems attainable, following a strict quality policy, working with an established QA Team and helpful users reporting bugs, suggestions, exchanging ideas, solutions, and registering experiences during it's history.

One can help the Debian Project by joining it even though not a programmer, or being a development and/or service partner company or institution at the Debian Partner Program, or simply by making various donations to the Debian Project.

Debian Project news, press releases and press coverage can be found on the official Debian wiki page. PR contact at the debian-publicity list.