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  * regional categories: europe, america, asia, [what for .au+.nz?] [split ca/us vs latin-america?]
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This page is about times.debian.net - currently a service in preparation.

It is related to something like dot.kde.org, and should contain all the nice small items that are too unimportant for debian-news@lists.debian.org, but still are important enough that we should like to speak about it. One of the key items is that more people should have the right to add articles there.

All on this page is just a first draft, feel free to change it.

User Interface

From the user's point of view, it is basically "just another rss page". Articles on ?DebianTimes should be categorized, and users can decide which categories they want to see.


  • weekly-news (via rss-syndication)
  • news
  • security-announce (via rss-syndication)
  • events announcements
  • event-reports
  • success-stories
  • derivatives
  • release-related
  • regional categories: europe, america, asia, [what for .au+.nz?] [split ca/us vs latin-america?]

[add some more?]

[any reasonable ones via rss-syndication, like people-behind-debian]


[not decided yet]

Some nice items for the backend (might?) include:

  • needs to be driven from svn/... for regular updates
  • import rss from other sides, like dwn, security?