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 * '''Policies''': [[/Policies|general]], [[/GSoCMentorSummitSelectionPolicy|GSoC mentor summit selection]]

Debian Outreach team


Interacting with the team

  • Email contact: <debian-outreach AT lists DOT debian DOT org> (public mailing-list); <outreach AT debian DOT org> (private mail alias).

  • Public IRC channel: #debian-outreach on irc.debian.org (OFTC)

Usual roles

  • Delegation from the DPL

  • Google Summer of Code coordinators :
  • Outreachy Coordinators :
    • Molly de Blanc
    • Pranav Jain
    • Jaminy Prabaharan
  • Emeritus
    • Sylvestre Ledru
    • Nicolas Dandrimont
    • Tom Marble
  • Mentors past and present

Task description

The Debian Outreach Team is responsible for coordinating the participation of Debian in internship-like programs (including Outreachy and Google Summer of Code). This involves:

  • acting as a contact point for all topics related to Debian's participation into those programs
  • when necessary, ensuring the funding of Debian's participation (by requesting the use of Debian funds to the DPL, by organizing fundraising campaigns, etc.)
  • when necessary, establishing Debian-specific rules about who can apply for the various roles (mentors, participants) in those programs
  • ranking and selecting applications -- generally, considering the feedback given by mentors and other reviewers
  • coordinating the communication around Debian's participation into those programs

Resources for mentoring