Debian OpenMPI Maintainers


Interacting with the team

Task description

The Debian OpenMPI Maintainers take care of the openmpi source package in Debian.

OpenMPI is an implementation of the Message Passing Interface (MPI) standard, developed and maintained by a consortium of academic, research, and industry partners. OpenMPI was a merge of three well known MPI implementations, namely FT-MPI, LA-MPI and LAM/MPI, with contributions from PACX-MPI. The best ideas in every implementation were combined in OpenMPI and are developed further, so OpenMPI may become the most widely used open-source MPI implementation.


This TODO list contains several things which members of the team or the whole team want to work on. It's also supposed to give an overview to people interested in (working on) the openmpi package (or even joining the team).