The transition is now over, thanks to those who helped.

Coordination for OCaml 3.10.2 transition

The status of the transition can be followed at

Round 1

Upload ocaml itself:

-- done by StefanoZacchiroli @ 23:07 / 18/05/2008

Round 2

Upload packages that are arch-independent, and have no dependency:

-- done by RalfTreinen @ 19/05/2008

Upload new packages that have no dependency:

-- done by SylvainLeGall @ 21/05/2008

Round 3

Update the binNMU request and submit it to <debian-release AT>.

-- done by StephaneGlondu @ 2008-05-22 18:55:06

Round 4

Possibly upload new packages at the right time:

-- done by SylvainLeGall @ 22/5/2008

This should stall binNMUs... So round 3 and 4 might actually be done in parallel.

Round 5

Upload the remaining packages that are arch-independent (but have OCaml-related dependencies):

-- done by StefanoZacchiroli @ 2008-05-26 12:05:03 (they were source packages containing only Arch:all binary packages, so they were "easy". On the contrary "ara" contains arch:any packages, so we should wait for deps to have been built everywhere before uploading it)

Round 6

Pray and wait for testing transition.