Conversion script

This is a svn2git migration adapted for our svn layout available there.

Quick guide

See also and the (git version of the) policy.

Checkout the scripts (after installing python-debian, git-buildpackage and pristine-tar):

svn checkout svn://
svn checkout svn://

Put and new-d-o-m-git-repo in your path. Then go to an empty directory and execute: -p <package> -t <upstream-name>

Check the result (for example, with gitk), and if you are satisfied, push it to alioth (run this command from the repos directory):

new-d-o-m-git-repo <package>


The script does many checks in the process and should fail in any situation that I (StephaneGlondu) don't expect. Many cases are not handled, but the script should be easily debugged and adapted for simple packages. Since it is self contained and uses only basic commands, it should be easily adapted to whatever processing we would like to do on the fly.

Some caveats and possible future improvements:

Shell script generation approach


Many repositories below have been converted using a generated shell script. For now, the generated scripts and related files are in my (glondu-guest) home on alioth, in svn2git-migration-files directory. -- StephaneGlondu 2008-08-09 15:04:46

Quick guide:



Converted repositories are available on (in pkg-ocaml-maint/packages subtree).