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 * (description from homepage) Extension to OCaml for deriving functions from type declarations. Includes derivers for pretty-printing, type-safe marshalling with structure-sharing, dynamic typing, equality, and more. Available at http://code.google.com/p/deriving/
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 * generation of XML based parser/pretty-printers. Available at http://pauillac.inria.fr/~ddr/IoXML/index.html (''Note'': [http://packages.debian.org/cameleon cameleon] still provides ocaml-ioxml, is it still true or just an heritage from the past?)

Several ?CamlP4 "third party" syntax extensions for ?CamlP4/CamlP5 are floating around in the net. Packaging each of them as a separate package would imply an unnecessary archive bloat (though we're all aware of issues with multi-source Debian packages ...). So what about a camlp4-misc package containing a collection of syntax extension? (and maybe a camlp5-misc package, to make it clear that an extension only works with the legacy version of camlp4?)

Some of the criteria that should be considered before proposing an extension for inclusion are:

  1. the syntax extension should be popular (for some definition of popular, we are not going to see big numbers here, but at least try to be sure it is not just some random bit of code noone else ever used. So probably this criterion is better expressed as useful)

  2. the syntax extension should be not to big, otherwise it probably deserves a package per se

So, what syntax extensions do you have in mind that would benefit our users in one of the two packages above?

Syntax extension proposals for camlp4-misc

(please list here only stuff known to work with camlp4 >= 3.10)

Syntax extension proposals for camlp5-misc