Debian OCaml Task Force

A collaborative effort to maintain Debian packages related to the OCaml programming language


Interacting with the team

Task description

The Debian OCaml Maintainers Task Force is up to package OCaml-related programs and libraries in Debian, to make as easy as possible the usage of such pieces of software.

Our usual activities include both routine packaging and maintenance of OCaml-related software and formalization in our policy of best practice for the OCaml packaging in Debian.

Get involved / future work

Past work

More stuff


OCaml-related packages in Debian distribution are quite a lot, here you can find some resources to monitor them:


We wrote a policy establishing best practices for packaging OCaml-related software in Debian. It is available both in HTML and plain text formats. It can also be found in the `dh-ocaml` package on your filesystem.

Version Control System

Most of our packages are maintained using Git, more specifically with git-buildpackage (for building), git-import-orig+pristine-tar (for upstream tarballs) and git-import-dsc (to acknowledge NMUs). Our repositories are available on Salsa. You can browse online our repositories, or check one out using the dom-git-checkout script (from the dh-ocaml package).