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 * '''Read the FAQ first''': [[/FAQ|FAQ]]
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 * [[/FAQ|FAQ]]
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 * [[/Piuparts|MySQL and Piuparts]]
 * [[/Britney|Britney]]
 * [[http://lists.alioth.debian.org/pipermail/pkg-mysql-maint/2012-June/004778.html|Proposal for roadmap for MySQL post freeze]]
 * [[/TestFrameWorks|Review of current test frameworks]]

Debian MySQL Team

Also packages MariaDB and Percona variants.


MySQL variants

  • MariaDB

  • Galera replication framework WSREP provider (also needs compatible Galera server binaries as WSREP consumer)

  • MySQL-wsrep is MySQL + wsrep-patches (Galera consumer)

Interacting with the team

Get involved

Other stuff

Task description (outdated, needs review to match 2016 situation)

Generic TODO items across all MySQL/MariaDB/Percona in the Debian MySQL variants team:

Rules file review in London sprint 2014-12-11 suggestions:

  • Review the implementation on hardening flags
  • Review the creation of debian-maint-user in server postinstall file. The huge chuck of piped SQL commands is ugly.
  • Re-engineer around asking the mysql root password or setting the debian-maint-user password and use passwordless access via unix socket by unix root user instead. This would be more secure - no passwords anywhere and only system root user can access those MySQL accounts
  • As debhelper anyway already stops the mysqld process, we could replace the postrm stopping code with an assertion test

Packaging of MySQL and related software and cooperation with the wider community around MySQL. The immediate goals centre around the mysql-5.5 package: