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'''See new wiki page at https://salsa.debian.org/mariadb-team/mariadb-server/-/wikis/MariaDB-in-Debian'''

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See new wiki page at https://salsa.debian.org/mariadb-team/mariadb-server/-/wikis/MariaDB-in-Debian

This page should list tests that are required before an uploading a new version.


lintian --info -I -E --pedantic --color=auto <changes file>

should report no errors. Currently it generates over 250 lines of output but it was over 600.

Build from scratch

pbuilder --build <dsc file>

This works and must work for any release.

piuparts test

This currently fails catastrophically. Since the primary purpose of a database is to preserve data, and the main error is the non deletion of that data, we will need to consider carefully before addressing this.

In the meantime the best that can be done is as follows:

  • Install the previous version
  • Upgrade by running through the newly generated packages:

 dpkg -B -i <deb file> The '-B' argument is to auto-deconfigure any packages that get in the way. This may need to be done in a chroot.

release procedure

For major versions we need to follow the release team guidelines.

Basic connectivity

  • mysql
  • mysqldump

Client/Server test

This is currently an open bug: 672359.

mysql_config test

We could do with an automated test that the output of mysql_config and mysql_config_pic match the contents of the library packages. See #673574.

test suite

The test suite should be usable as a package in its own right. See #366701.


blhc parses build logs and checks for the hardening flags.