Galera is a clustering system. For details see


Principal driver Otto Kekäläinen.

Binaries for public testing

The directory is browseable and there you can find build logs and both binary and source packages (also other stuff than just MariaDB). Build logs have the git hash appended so it is possible to track build logs per commit.

Latest test packages can be installed after adding the sources.list line corresponding to your distro:

  # Precise binaries widely compatible
  deb mysql-wsrep-precise-amd64/
  deb mysql-wsrep-precise-i386/

Building yourself

Git clone the package and run 'dpkg-buildpackage -us -uc -b'.

Work-in-progress is visible at:



How to contribute

Contributions are welcome! Just state your interest on the Galera mailing list on Launchpad.

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