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Galera is a clustering system. For details see


Current design is to provide one Galera package in Debian that can act as the WSREP provider for all MySQL forks that have a WSREP consumer.

How to contribute

Contributions are welcome! Just state your interest on the pkg-mysql-maint mailing list or send Salsa Merge Requests directly.

The package is maintained at

Backwards compatibility notes (very old)

MariaDB Galera Server installed from will pull in a package called 'galera' which has both the plugin and the daemon. The version string is '25.3.5-wheezy'.

Manually installing 'galera-3' or installing a new server package that depends on 'galera-3' should nicely break and replace the old 'galera' package and the version string of the new package is also for sure bigger.

Percona XtraDB Cluster

Current XtraDB Cluster package in Debian unstable and Ubuntu 14.10 is named 'percona-xtradb-cluster-galera-2.x' and the version string is '1:2.11.2675-1' (version before it was 175-2.1). At the latest package is named 'percona-xtradb-cluster-galera-3.x' and has the version string '3.8.3390'.

Manually installing the new galera-3 package or upgrading to a newer Percona server that depends on the new galera-3 package should work nicely (as long as the server version/API dependencies match, but that is outside the scope of the galera-3 package itself).

The Percona Galera version has some patches that the upstream Galera has not included yet. For the time being the Percona server thus needs to keep a slightly different Galera binary, which will be called 'percona-galera-3'. The long term plan is to have one single 'galera-3' source package (and the binaries it creates) that would suite all downstream server variants.