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 * '''SVN Repository''': http://munin.projects.linpro.no/browser/branches/debian
 * '''Upstream SVN Repository:''': http://munin.projects.linpro.no/browser/trunk
 * '''Git Repository''': http://anonscm.debian.org/gitweb/?p=collab-maint/munin.git
 * '''Upstream Git Repository:''': https://github.com/munin-monitoring/munin/

Debian Munin Maintainers


Interacting with the team

Usual roles

  • Holger Levsen - Packaging
  • Matthias Schmitz - Packaging

Task description

The goal of this team is the maintenance of packages related to munin.

Get involved

Originally I just wanted to put these guidelines on some wikipage:

We should define a minimal policy / guidelines for all external plugins (when we decide to build munin-plugins-contrib per default, as suggested by Holger and Bernd), like:

  • at least two maintainers agree to include it and not two (or one?) are against including it
  • no bashism, all shell plugins must work with dash too
  • whatnot :-D