The current focus is towards reducing the gap between Mobian and Debian. This implies:

Areas requiring more work are:

Other areas of interest are:

Packages to be uploaded to Debian

Apart from Mobian-specific packages, we maintain a few packages which could be generally useful and therefore should be uploaded to Debian. Those packages are:

A more complete and up-to-date list can be found on our Teams/Mobian/WantedPackages page.

Mobian packages we should upload to Debian include:

Please note most of those packages would need to be cleaned up and possibly reworked in order to comply with the Debian policy (especially meta-mobian and mobian-tweaks).

Porting to new phones

Due to limited development volunteers, Mobian developers prioritize phones whose companies want to mainline their kernels and share the goals of Mobian.

However, if someone wishes to port over and maintain a new device with Mobian, we can assist with creation of the repositories. Please understand that should you choose to do this, we are asking you to keep maintaining it.