This page provides suggestions on how to contribute to Mobian.

Contributiong to Mobian

We are glad you found this page and are motivated to help out! This document will describe how you can contribute to the project.

We recommend you also read our Roadmap and Developer's Guide.

You can also reach out to us using the following channels:

Please note the above channels are for development discussions **only**, non-developer users should join instead

You may have a great idea none of us thought of before. If you have an idea and want to contribute by it, tell us your thoughts!

I want to learn

We are happy to help mentor you and help you. But please understand that the Mobian devs are all volunteers, so we can only "teach you to fish", and expect a fair amount of self-motivation.

I don't have technical skills

You do not need technical skills to contribute to Mobian, and in fact, there are many very important ways you can help Mobian.

I have basic tech skills

Please help us with:

I have development experience

There's plenty of work to be done improving upstream software used in Mobian (features, bug fixes, etc). A common need is to adapt application to the size of the screen.

Additonally, help is wanted to keep the kernels of the devices we support up to date.

I have Debian packaging experience

We always need help in:

We understand packaging for Debian can seem daunting. Many of the Mobian developers are also on the ?DebianOnMobile team and maintain those packages. You can see examples of packaging here. The Debian Policy is a great reference is you have any specific questions on packaging. As a general introduction we refer you to the Debian wiki on packaging which has a guide, a tutorial and more general information about packaging.

If after this you are still having trouble, feel free to reach out in the Mobian Matrix Channel.

If you're looking for applications to package have a look at our wiki for inspiration. Please be aware that maintaining packages is usually a long term commitment and unless you're a Debian Developer already you will need to find a sponsor for your package (preferably up front).


To contribute to Mobian you can help with the packages under

Keep in mind that a lot of packaging can be language-specific rather than device-specific. In that case it might be useful to maintain the package with help from another team: see Teams.

In packaging, a lot of effort goes in reviewing/auditing upstream software for dubious or even malicious code; checking the copyright and licensing for violations; unbundling dependencies; testing the build process on multiple architectures; interacting with upstream developers to fix bugs or improve integration or security.

Configuring files in the debian/ directory is only a fraction of the effort. If you are not familiar with tooling and policies but have good knowledge of a language you can contribute a lot to Mobian: get in touch with the team and help with the activities listed above.

Packages under DebianOnMobile-team

For simple packages requiring little patching:

For packages requiring complex patching and tracking of upstream repositories:

# Install required tools
apt-get install git-buildpackage pristine-tar lintian

# Clone repo
gbp clone <uri>

# Import new releases with
gbp import-orig -v --uscan