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Team meetings

The Mobian team meets on a monthly basis, the 1st Saturday of each month @ 12:00 UTC.

More details on the Meetings page.

Task description

Mobian is a Debian derivative aiming to integrate mobile-friendy software into the Debian distribution and minimize the amount of customization required for mobile devices to run Debian.

Mobian primarily targets FOSS-friendly mobile phones and tablets, such as the PinePhone (including the Pro variant), Librem 5 and ?PineTab.

The current focus is on integrating the Phone Shell (phosh) project in a set of packages that works on FOSS-friendly mobile phones. Over time, the idea is to package more graphical environments (such as Plasma Mobile and minimize the Mobian specific pieces by upstreaming customizations to the original projects.

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Find out more on the Contributing and Roadmap pages.


The following pages address more specific practices: