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   * Data, pages on the webwml CVS: http://cvs.debian.org/webwml/webwml/english/mirror/    * Data, pages on the webwml CVS: https://anonscm.debian.org/viewvc/webwml/webwml/english/mirror/



  • Website: http://www.debian.org/mirrors and http://mirror.debian.org

  • Unix group: mirroradm

  • Services handled by the team:
    • providing /srv/mirrors/* on .debian.org hosts.

    • ftp.NN.d.o entry's points.

    • Maintaining the Mirrors masterlist.

    • Maintaining sync hierarchy, rsync credentials and mirror triggers for downstream mirrors
    • Maintaining/developing archvsync, the software to mirror Debian archives.

Interacting with the team

BTS tags

The mirrors team uses BTS Usertags to categorize the various issues. The tags user is mirrors@packages.debian.org. The following tags are recognized:

For bugs concerning the archvsync (ftpsync) scripts

Updates to the Mirrors masterlist and related issues


new entries to the list. Those tagged with moreinfo are considered work-in-progress, the others new.

Debian-operated mirrors (such as ftp.debian.org) and syncproxies. In particular, this is for rsync access and push setup.
Issues around httpredir.debian.org.
everything else that didn't fix another category.

Usual roles

  • Simon Paillard - (symoon)
  • Joerg Jaspert - (Ganneff)
  • Felipe Augusto van de Wiel
  • Raphael Geissert - (raphael)
  • Donald Norwood - (IRC nick cnote)
  • Peter Palfrader - (weasel)
  • Bastian Blank - (waldi)

Task description

The team is in charge of mirrors :

  • for the own Debian infrastructure: archive, webpages, services
  • for users: mirrors of the packages archive, including non debian.org hosts

Get involved

  • {*} Report issues you encounter while using some Debian mirror http://bugs.debian.org/mirrors

  • {*} Process bugs from http://bugs.debian.org/mirrors

  • {*} Convince admins of mirrors to use recommended ftpsync and setup push

  • {*} (Graphical) statistics in time (munin, rrdtool, R) about archive size per architecture / section

  • {*}{*} Implement all useful tests against mirrors as nagios plugins, see Tests

  • {*}{*} Figure out and implement push redundancy in ftpsync

  • {*}{*} YAML'ise all mirroradm config

  • {*}{*} Generate Nagios config from YAML

  • {*}{*} Generate ftpsync/runmirror/rsync config from YAML

  • {*}{*}{*} Figure out generic redirector based on Geographic/Network distance and implement some Content Directory Network

More stuff