Interacting with the team

Usual roles

Due to the privacy of personal data possibly stored in the MIA database, all team members need to be Debian Developers. The complete interface is available on a DD-only machine: (merkel at the moment). Requests can be directed to the contact address by everyone, though, which is appreciated.

Task description

MIA means "Missing in Action" and is a group of people and scripts which help to track inactive people in Debian. The MIA Team is responsible to orphan outdated packages if the maintainer is not responsive. We also help the people to find solutions like finding a Co-Maintainer and so on. According to this information a "MIA Person" is someone who has packages in Debian and maybe is even an official Debian developer but was quite inactive for a while and let his package get out of shape. Someone is considered a "MIA person" as soon as anyone reported this person and an entry in the DB has been created.

Get involved

More stuff

Currently, there is with sub pages and the aforementioned README file on merkel which are even partly contradicting. Also, none of these seem to reflect complete and correct information. Thus, if you want to join, please read the complete stuff and then get in touch with us about the current procedure.

{i} MIA should be embedded properly in the new QA workflow yet to create.