Debian Live Coding team: DebConf Algorave

This page is managed by Debian Live Coding team to document Algorave events held by DebConf conferences.


The live coding subject was presented in a broad view inside the Debian Conference 2019:


The live coding subject was presented in a more deep view, including workshops and art performance at the Debian Conference 2022:


[cancelled] Debian Conference 2023 will held a more robust Algorave, including invited experienced artists who use Debian for live coding practice, also Debian developers community will be stimulated to take part doing live coding, beginners are very welcome to play, the main goal is to try and test Debian for live coding practice as much as possible in order to improve the system for that kind of use case.


[planned] Review, update and re-submit the Proposal: DebConf Algorave - DebConf23 - India...