Debian Live Coding team

The main goal of Debian Live Coding team is to get together to create art, explore new tools, experiment with Debian on art+technology creation as a collective, collaborate with other Debian teams on packaging needed tools and libraries to make it possible, organize and promote events on those topics among Debian community, and (if possible) host some Live Coding services (eg.: Flok, Ninjam, etc) on Debian infrastructure/servers.

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Why create a new team when we already have the Debian Multimedia team?

The Debian Live Coding team is dedicated not only on packaging tools, but also in promoting art creation, experimentation and knowledge sharing around live coding practices, documenting experiences around live coding in Debian, organizing events like algoraves, and creating artwork for Debian using live coding techniques. Packaging is the first required step for many of these, but the goals of the Debian Live Coding team are not restricted to that.

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