To track the various components of lists.d.o in the BTS we use Usertags.

current Usertags

Lookup current usertags using this command:

rsync rsync://*/list* lists-usertags/

usercategory request-type
 * Program Area
   + Policy [tag=policy]
   + Requests for Listmodification [tag=newlist]
   + Bounceprocessing and automatic Unsubscriptions [tag=reaper]
   + Spamfiltering [tag=filter]
   + Mail Transport Agent [tag=mta]
   + Mailinglist Software [tag=smartlist]
   + Processing of bugs.d.o [tag=buglist]
   + mhonarc Webarchive [tag=webarchive]
   + Xapian [tag=search]
   + Spamreporting [tag=spamreport]
   + any other Webpages on lists [tag=web]
   + Uncategorized []