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  * /usr/lib/jvm
  * /usr/lib/jni
  * multi-arch depends

There is a BoF about java packaging at 11am UTC+2:00. It won't be video'd, but we will have people on #debian-java on oftc if anyone else wants to contribute.

I sent an email to the list to try and get opinions in advance, here is a short agenda summarising that email. Please do put other things on here.


  • Actually merging the changes from the FOSDEM draft

  • Packaging tools we need (see javahelper)

  • Recursive classpath detection
  • Other transition issues
  • Executable jars / wrappers
  • jar and wrapper locations
  • Multiarch issues
    • /usr/lib/jvm
    • /usr/lib/jni
    • multi-arch depends

Random notes

  • Maybe we want a jh_classpath so we can move between ways of doing transitive classpaths more easily, rather than just jh_manifest (I've just added this to javahelper)